The Platinum Needles can be found on both MySpace & Facebook. There is also a Platinum Needles channel on YouTube containing various videos of the band.

Platinum Needles guitarist Gary Sewell runs his own media company you can contact him by calling the number below


Visit The Riffmasters page by clicking the image above.

Blade featuring Gary Sewell on Vocals & Guitar have been together for 20 years although not as active as they were they still gig from time to time click on the image to the left to visit their page to download their album and watch videos of the band performing.

The Platinum Needles released two tracks (Telford & Organised Disruption) on the Stoke Musicians Collective Cry Havoc album. The Album can be downloaded in full from The Slip Records website

StokeBeat is an excellent mine of information about bands from The Stoke On Trent area including The Platinum Needles

Chris Ashley once met renowned northern cartoonist Bill Tidy who then drew a cartoon for the band. A copy of this is below and if you click on it you will be directed to Bills website where you can see maore of his work.

Oh and finally I have a website too---------