Chris Ashley is responsible for the majority of photographs taken during the 3 years the Platinum Needles were together. Chris was also instrumental in the formation of the Market Drayton Youth Leisure committee, responsible for organising and co-ordinating activities for the young people of Market Drayton. These activities included Discos, trips to various attractions, gigs and sporting events. Chris worked tirelessly for the youth of Market Drayton establishing lifelong friendships along the way. Nowadays amongst the forty something’s of Market Drayton Chris Ashley is considered something of a legend and as a result of the work of the Youth Leisure Committee of the 1980's the young people of Market Drayton now have a purpose built Youth Centre. Interestingly because of the antics of the early 1980's youth there are no longer seats in front of the shop that used to be Cellar Five that was our meeting place our venue of choice!

The two galleries on this site document the 3 years of The Platinum Needles as well as the early days of The Market Drayton Youth Leisure Committee. They capture a period of time that was the early 1980's. The people photographed are now in their 40's and 50's most will have kids who are at the age they were when these pictures were taken. I wonder if in this Facebook age they will have memories like the ones captured here! Please click on the picture from the gallery you want to view to be taken back to the eighties!

 Pictures of The PLATINUM NEEDLES    Pictures of The Kids of early 80's Market Drayton

Captain Sensible & Chris Ashley

The Punk Legend that is Chris Ashley (right) photographed in 2007 with Damned guitarist & Happy Talking Captain Sensible